Public Debate, GIZ, Bonn, Germany

Public Debate, GIZ, Bonn, Germany


13. GIZ-Event Research meets Practice: Displacement – Conflicts – Peace

In 2012, around 23,000 persons daily were displaced because of violent conflicts, prosecution or human rights violations. According to the UN special agency for refugees UNHCR more than 45 million refugees worldwide were forced to migrate within or out of their home countries in 2012, two thirds of which were women and children.

What are the lives and living conditions of refugees and internally displaced persons as well as their host communities like, e.g. in Kenya and Uganda? How can international development cooperation support those people and the countries to cope with the situation? Which challenges and problems exist here and how can researchers and practitioners benefit mutually from each other’s experiences in the field?

Thursday, 9 January 2014, 16:00-18:00 at Godesberger Allee 119, Bonn, Germany

Dialogue partners: Dr Ulrike Krause (Centre for Conflict Studies, University of Marburg) and Eberhard Halbach (GIZ Kenya);  Moderation: Katja Nellissen

Debate about displacement, conflict and peace at GIZ in Bonn (in German)

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