Neuer Artikel zum Konflikt-Flucht-Nexus

s+fEin neuer Beitrag mit dem Titel Konflikt-Flucht-Nexus: Globales Ausmaß, genderbezogene Auswirkungen und politische Relevanz ist in der Zeitschrift S&F Sicherheit und Frieden erschienen.

Link zum Beitrag: Link

Abstract (nur auf Englisch):

Most refugees flee from violent conflict. Upon arriving in other countries, they often remain in limbo for years. In spite of this, the conceptual nexus between violent conflict and forced migration has been widely neglected both in research and humanitarian aid. This article offers insights into developments, frameworks and practices of the global refugee regime regarding conflict-induced displacement. In this line, it analyzes refugee situations in a gender-sensitive frame with a focus on camps, violence and protracted refugee situations. Finally, the political response is placed in the context of the global trends and the conflict-displacement nexus.

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